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The Unicharm Way

In 1974, Unicharm stated in our corporate ideals that it will grow and develop along with the public society which has become the basic guiding principle of its management ever since. In 1999, we unveiled "'Beliefs & Pledges' and Corporate Code of Conduct" as well as "'Our Five Great Pillars' and Associate Code of Conduct" and, in 2017, we replaced the original "Three DNAs", its corporate culture succeeded from the time of foundation, with the "New Three DNAs BOP-ship" which is currently recognized to be the common perspective of value of all group members and employees.


At Unicharm, we make the realization of SDGs as our “purpose” and, in order to make it happen, will cause an innovation with the back-casting approach based on such three layers as “Mission, Vision & Value” in aiming at achieving the sustainable growth.


Our Mission is to create a cohesive society where people and partner animal (pet) live in harmony along with the global environment. Our Vision that sets out about how we achieve the Mission is the Group’s corporate philosophy “NOLA & DOLA” which is an acronym of “Necessity of Life with Activities & Dreams of Life with Activities”. NOLA represents a solution of issues while DOLA is about defining such issues as dreams and ideals. In other words, we need to have a technology as our core competence to convert discomfort into comfort. That is anchored by Value which is derived from our “Management with Resonance”, a management model that has been rolled out across our organization worldwide.

Formulation of The Unicharm Way

Unicharm Ideals

  1. We contribute to creating a better quality of life for everyone by offering only the finest products and services to the market and customers, both at home in Japan and abroad.
  2. We strive to pursue proper corporate management principles which combine corporate growth, associate well-being and the fulfillment of our social responsibilities.
  3. We bring forth the fruits of cooperation based on integrity and harmony, by respecting the independence of the individual and striving to promote the Five Great Pillars.

(Established in 1974)

Five Great Pillars and Associate Code of Conduct

Creativity & Innovation

We will respect the creation of new society values and maintain a spirit that always seeks out innovation.


We will follow in the footsteps of our founder, striving to uncover issues from a company-wide perspective and solve them to achieve our management targets.

Spirit of challenge

We will continue to transform our abilities without fear of failure and maintain a positive attitude, based on our belief in the capacity of challenge to tap into unlimited potential.


We will become leaders who are able to motivate others with our own determination by clearly showing the way for the organization to follow.

Fair play

We will carry out fair corporate activities that combine the spirit of respecting human life and dignity with high ethical standards.

(Established in 1971 and revised in 1999)

Beliefs and Pledges and Corporate Code of Conduct

Pledge to our customers

We pledge to earn the full support of customers by always doing everything we can.

Pledge to our shareholders

We pledge to distribute industry-leading returns to shareholders.

Pledge to business partners

We pledge to achieve mutual growth by maintaining a fair and equitable relationship.

Pledge to associates

We pledge to achieve the happiness of associates and their family members by filling each of them with confidence and pride.

Pledge to society

We pledge to contribute to the economic and emotional fulfillment of the entire population through our corporate activities.

(Established in 1999)


A corporate culture intact from the earliest days of Unicharm

From “Three DNAs” to “Three DNAs and BOP-Ship”

The Three DNAs / The New Three DNAs

Unicharm has achieved sustained growth while remaining true to its corporate culture and spirit from the earliest days of the Company, which have been distilled into “Three DNAs.” In recent years, Unicharm has expanded its business from Japan into Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the Americas. That expansion has led to an increase in the number of overseas employees. To make the “Three DNAs” easier to understand, they have been reframed as “BOP-Ship.” The Three DNAs and BOP-Ship represent Unicharm’s values, which underpin the Company’s activities and are shared by everyone from senior management down to every single employee.

Mission:To Realize a Cohesive Society

Cohesive Society / Life Yellow Products and services which fit diverse values and life styles / Science Blue Creating new health and comfort by life science / SDGs Solving social issues through business and succeed the wealthy life to the next generation / Human Orange Eliminating discomfort in health of all the people

“To Realize a Cohesive Society =Social Inclusion”
Rich and warm social community where everyone around the world is equal and comfortable, respects individuality and shows mutual support and understanding


NOLA & DOLA Necessity of Life with Activities & Dreams of Life with Activities / Eliminating discomfort (transformative change from negative to zero) / Changing from no discomfort to feeling good (transformative change from zero to plus alpha)

Guided by our corporate slogan, NOLA & DOLA, we have been working to make life more comfortable for people worldwide. Looking back over the years since Unicharm was founded in 1961, we have achieved a measure of success in eliminating some of the issues people face in their lives every day – discomfort, inconvenience and unsanitary conditions – as expressed by the NOLA part of our slogan. However, we have really only just begun to address DOLA –supplying products and services that give our customers greater enjoyment and pleasure.


As IT becomes more advanced and consumers’ buying habits become more diverse, digital technology will play a vital role in helping us accurately respond to the needs of customers. Instead of relying on our gut feelings or past experience, we will analyze buying history to visualize shopping habits and tailor marketing strategies to individual needs.


Through that process, we aim to make Unicharm a trusted brand around the world.


Going forward, we will continue to provide world-first and world-leading products and services and deliver comfort, impression and satisfaction, aiming to create a cohesive society where people everywhere lead independent lives and support each other.

Value:Management with Resonance

Implementing our strategies using “Management with Resonance”
– close cooperation between management and frontline employees


Frontline employees and management share information to ensure they are working toward the same goals

At Unicharm, management uses feedback from frontline operations to develop strategies that are carefully explained to employees, allowing our workforce to gain insights into management’s point of view and act accordingly. This balanced approach to communication significantly improves the capacity of the whole organization, helping management and frontline employees work together towards shared goals. We call this "Management with Resonance," and it is a major factor behind the Group’s growth. To ensure our business strategies have a greater chance of success, we are also nurturing internationally minded “resonant personnel” who have a deep understanding of Unicharm’s DNA, corporate culture and strategies, and actively sending them to positions overseas