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Unicharm Gulf Hygienic Industries Ltd.

Unicharm Gulf Hygienic Industries Ltd. (UGHI) was established in 1992 with its head office and facilities in Riyadh. The majority of UGHI shares are held by Unicharm Corporation of Japan. Unicharm, which was established in 1961, operates in more than 80 countries around the world and its products hold the number one position in Japan and many other countries due to their high quality and due to Unicharm’s proven R&D capability. For 2016, total consolidated sales exceeded USD 7 billion.

UGHI manufactures Baby Care products “Babyjoy”, Feminine Care products “Sofy” and Adult Care products “Lifree” in addition to a full range of tissue products including facial tissue, toilet paper, kitchen towels among others. The company distributes its products through14 branches throughout Saudi Arabia and is supported by a large fleet to attain the goal of direct sales to target outlets. UGHI exports its products to over 27countries in the MENA region.

UGHI is very proud of 25 years of successful partnership between the company and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia during which UGHI realized several achievements among which are the following 6 key pillars:

  1. Localized superior Japanese technology in the baby care, feminine care and adult care hygiene products that have been widely trusted by Saudi consumers.
  2. Supported empowerment of Saudi women through the women-factory employing more than 70 Saudi ladies and featuring day care facilities. Over 30% of the ladies have special needs.
  3. Exceeded Saudization targets and pioneered effective and sustainable employment of both Saudi males and females.
  4. Commitment to long term investment in the Kingdom with the latest being an SR 500 million expansion to our facilities being inaugurated during this event.
  5. Exports to more than 18 countries which reached 0.3% of the Kingdom’s total non-oil revenue in line with vision 2030 key objectives.  
  6. Demonstrated commitments and actions as a socially responsible company.

The sustained growth of UGHI is attributed to many factors key to which is the support the government of the Custodian of the Two Holly Mosques provides. Such support includes commercial and investment regulations in the Kingdom. Other factors include the dedication of shareholders, management and staff, the company’s uncompromised value system which is built around three key pillars: Integrity, competence and Loyalty. UGHI has a well-defined corporate vision and execution strategy and continuously invests to improve and develop its products and services. Such objectives are backed by extensive R&D activities utilizing the latest technological advances and extensive market research to understand consumer needs and requirements.